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Rainbow Six Extraction: Mission accomplished for Ubisoft Saguenay

Tomorrow, millions of players from across the globe will accept the mission of battling against the Archæans in Rainbow Six Extraction. The thirty-some members of the Ubisoft Saguenay team have been developing this new gaming experience in collaboration with Six Studios from Ubisoft and it’s a moment that they’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Rainbow Six Extraction is the second large-scale mandate that’s been entrusted to the Saguenay studio team.

The collaborative work with the studio in Montreal, who’ve been managing the project, has gone extremely well. We felt the confidence that was entrusted to our team. This allowed us to complete the increasingly ambitious mandates and contributed to new heights of accomplishment,” stated Simon Doré, Graphics Team Lead.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a coop PvE experience where you can form a squad alongside a maximum of two other Rainbow Six team members, all working together to battle and possibly contain the ever-increasing threat of the extraterrestrials known as the Archæans.

This project has enabled us to further develop our talent, fortify our team and hone our expertise. I’d also like to congratulate everyone who contributed to this large-scale project. You can be very proud of what you’ve accomplished in the past two years!” added Patricia Lefebvre, Production Manager.



Among the mandates that have been entrusted to the Saguenay team, one is the creation of numerous objects, such as weapons, gadgets and creatures, in addition to many other elements that make up the 12 zones to be discovered by completing the different missions.

Each project represents a new challenge, which is exactly why our job is so incredible,” stated Simon Doré. At first, we have to appropriate the theme, the era, game style, the franchise, etc.  Thereafter, we create representative objects and environments, so the players become completely immersed into this new world. We really feel like we succeeded with Extraction and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished.”


Menus and Features

Many developers from the UX/UI team collaborated to create the different menus in the game.  For example, they developed the CODEX that enhances the player’s experience as they progress throughout the game.

The team also actively participated in the design and development of new features, such as the Buddy Pass. This new option allows consumers to play for free with 2 others friends, on any platform, for a 14 day period.

Our teams were eager to innovate and offer unique social, visual and technological experiences. The menus and features that we created will in fact fortify the player’s experience,” stated Patricia Lefebvre.



Hundreds of bugs found in the missions and operators were fixed by our gameplay programmers during the development.

It’s my favourite part of my job, the investigation. Debugging entails reading endless lines of code and trying to understand how the system works to make the appropriate corrections. This means many hours of scanning and reading to modify one line, in the right place. I’ts great!” stated Daniel Bouchard, IT Team Leader

Join the adventure and fulfil your dream of working on large-scale projects such as this!


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